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Tapestry THE WALL - rust/pink/yellow

Tapestry THE WALL - rust/pink/yellow

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Whether at the desk, above the bed or in the van: wherever you need a dab of color - this small tapestry visually enhances every corner! Every single one is unique and hand-knotted with a lot of love, so definitely not "another brick in the wall" .

color:rust, pink, yellow

Note: Because this item is handmade, length and shape may vary. It is possible that the colors differ due to the screen.

Dimensions: approx. 29 cm length (without suspension) // approx. 13 cm width

Material: 100% cotton cord, lacquered wooden stick

Custom Order

For special requests or personal creations, just send me a message. I would be happy to make your desired product!

Do you have any questions or would you like to have it made?
You want to know something about a product or just send feedback

Then please send me a message!                    
You can use the contact form for this  or send an email to: hello@knotworkorange.com


Use of natural materials such as cotton, wood and bamboo
Partly second hand yarns
Lanterns made of recycled glass
If possible, materials from Germany
Environmentally friendly & without animal suffering

Buy consciously

For me, sustainability not only means paying attention to the environment, but also making conscious purchasing decisions and avoiding returns for online orders. Because let's be honest: we all know that one dead piece of clothing in the closet, the unused vase or the bicycle that has been in the basement for years. This is not only a pity for the matter itself, but also because of the lack of space and the dissatisfaction that is increasingly arising as a result.
It is therefore important to me that my products give you joy and make you happy in the long term! Therefore, consider whether you really need or want the item you want. If you are unsure of the color or dimensions, or would prefer a custom order that is exactly what you want, please message me. This way we can work together to ensure that you get a product that you like 100%! Thanks. 🧡


Resource-saving work: In order to have as little waste as possible, I calculate the material to be used quite tightly.
In other words, I have perfected the products until I have found out the exact measure of length and thus at the end of a manufacturing process I throw away very little must.

I use some leftover yarn for other projects

Most of my items are made from natural materials like cotton and wood

Sometimes I buy yarns second hand

The lanterns are made of old glass or recycled glass

All materials come from Germany if possible

Environmentally friendly & without animal suffering: Neither people, animals nor the environment should suffer in the manufacture of my products, so I refrain from using harmful and animal-based materials Ingredients.


Reused Packaging Material: I try to reuse all packaging and padding where possible.
So if you receive a box that doesn't look quite perfect and/or has a different logo, that's the reason. Also, I want to encourage you to reuse the cardboard too.

Plastic-free and climate-neutral shipping

Invoices are sent via email

My stickers are vegan

Reuse of the thank you cards: The ones on groundwood cardboard with FSC™ certification printed coasters are both biodegradable and compostable. In the best case, you continue to use them, e.g. B. to put under, stand up, throw or stack! cool right? :)

Eco-friendly & sustainable

Reuse of packaging and filling material
Use of sustainable materials
 vegan stickers & printing on recycled paper
✿ Refraining from harmful and animal ingredients
Careful use of resources


Plastic-free packaging
climate-neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen
The invoice is sent via email

Return policy


Sustainability also means buying consciously and avoiding returns.
If you are still not satisfied with your order and would like to exchange one or more items, this is of course always possible:

But only if the article was not individualized for you and can be resold without any problems. In addition, it must of course be unused and undamaged. Please inform me about this using the contact form or by email to: hello@knotworkorange.com

Since I'm a small sole proprietorship, I can't offer you free returns at the moment. I therefore hope that you will understand that in the event of a return shipment you will have to bear the costs yourself. But there are two solutions for this:

  1. Maybe you give the product away to someone who will enjoy it
    or think about how you could use it elsewhere.
  2. On the other hand, you can have PayPal reimburse you for the return costs, provided PayPal was your means of payment. This is up to €25 and a maximum of 12 times a year! You can find more information on this PayPal page.

You can then send your return to the following address:

Verena Miebach
Obere Sehlhofstr. 39
42289 Wuppertal

Small products such as B. You can send bracelets by letter in the mail.

For larger products please choose insured shipping.

Please also make sure to pack the goods well and securely.
You are welcome to use the original packaging for this.


The purchase price of the returned order will be refunded to you as soon as possible. However, depending on the form of payment, this may take a few business days.

The required processing time is about 7 working days. If your payment method was PayPal, the purchase amount will be credited to your PayPal account.

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