your making

You like an item but you would like it in your favorite color or a different size? Are you looking for a gift that should be individualized for the person?

No problem! If you have special requests or personal creations, just send me a message. I would be happy to make your desired product and will do my best so that you are happy as a hippie with the result!

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⏳ processing time

Because my products are made by hand, custom orders may require a few days to produce them for you.
The same applies to material that may still have to be ordered for the order.
Of course, this results in a somewhat later shipping, but after a short time you will hold a unique in your hands.

I need a processing time of a few days for productions, but already finished products can be sent within 1-2 days.
We're happy to discuss everything in advance.


Knotwork orange stands for individuality.
Therefore, each product is unique and made by hand with a lot of love. I attach great importance to quality and carefulness.
But I'm only human and I make mistakes. No product is like the other when it is handmade, so there can always be irregularities.

However, if you are really dissatisfied with your item or notice a defect, please contact me immediately so that we can find a solution together can find. :)

give away

Are you still looking for a little something for a loved one, but your packaging skills are rather poor or non-existent? No panic!
If you wish, your order can also be gift-wrapped.