Our way of life has extreme effects on people, animals and the environment, that's no longer a secret and is becoming more and more visible. With the consequences becoming ever clearer, protecting and preserving our planet is something no one should turn a blind eye to.

Therefore, this topic is not only very important to me personally 🧡 of course it should also be of great importance at Knotwork orange and should flow into my creative work.
Would you like to find out if and how I can do this? Then you can read this.

Buy consciously

For me, sustainability not only means paying attention to the environment, but also making conscious purchasing decisions and avoiding returns for online orders. Because let's be honest: we all know that one dead piece of clothing in the closet, the unused vase or the bicycle that has been in the basement for years. This is not only a pity for the matter itself, but also because of the lack of space and the dissatisfaction that is increasingly arising as a result.

It is therefore important to me that my products give you joy and you Make happy in the long term! Therefore, consider whether you really need or want the item you want. If you are unsure of the color or dimensions, or would prefer a custom order that is exactly what you want, please message me.
So we can work together to ensure that you get a product that you like 100% ! Thanks. 🧡


Most of my items are made of natural materials such as cotton, wood and bamboo

Sometimes I buy second hand yarns

The lanterns are made of recycled glass

If possible, I source my materials from Germany

Environmentally friendly & without animal suffering

Resource-saving work

In order to have as little waste as possible, I calculate the material to be used quite tightly.
In other words, I have perfected the products until I have found out the exact length and therefore very little at the end of a manufacturing process have to throw away. I sometimes use leftover yarn for other projects

  • Weltkugel in gelb-türkis mit einem grünen Blatt davor

    Environmentally friendly

    Use of sustainable materials

    Vegan stickers & print on recycled paper

    Renunciation of harmful and animal Ingredients

    careful use of resources

  • Recycling-Symbol


    Where possible, packaging and filling material will be reused from other orders. So if you receive a box that doesn't look quite perfect and/or has a different logo, that's the reason.

  • Karton-Icon


    plastic-free packaging

    climate-neutral shipping with DHL GoGreen

    The invoice is sent via email

  • gelbe Einkaufstüte mit grünem Blatt


    friendly communication

    reasonable pricing

    Love, Empowerment & good Vibes