Hey you,

welcome to my little colorful world!
Knotwork orange is a creative shop and one woman handmade-business. Everything you see here and on social media I teach and made myself from scratch. My style is inspired by the design and colours of the 70s and 80s. Each product is unique and handmade with love & flower power. This is for all vintage lovers and retro fans, for all who like beautiful things, appreciate handmade and enjoy bright colors. Let's go!

Knot knot - who's there?

Okay, this is going to be awkward, but here we are!

My name is Verena and I'm a creative head & weirdo from Germany.
Even though I'm an 80s child, I always felt connected to the music and style of the 60s and 70s. Sometimes it feels like being born in the wrong time because everything retro related makes my heart wide open and gives me the idea auf comfort and home.

Early on, I spent hours in my room listening to the Bee Gees, ABBA, Grease, Cat Stevens and a lot of oldies while being creative. I was constantly painting, pasting, writing or crafting something. From painting, weaving, crocheting, to pottery, candle casting, papier-mâché and plaster, bead jewelry, silk painting or tying friendship bracelets: there was always something to do. And here and there a little stage performance in front of the mirror was thrown in...you know, with hairbrush as mic and all.😅 

How did Knotwork orange came along?

Well, at some point I simply lost the thread in the truest sense of the word. As it is when you grow up, suddenly other things are supposedly more important. The light-heartedness is gone and obligations and long working days take its place. The older I got, the less creative I was and my mind just didn't want to switch off. Because let's be honest: as an adult, many things (mostly the good ones) fall by the wayside in everyday life. I didn't want to accept that and started to take more interest in creative activities until I finally discovered knotting. I noticed that it also took me back to what I had already enjoyed as a child: diving into another world, relaxing and experimenting with materials. In the sense of "release your inner child" I was no longer willing to ignore this inner voice and since then I feel more like myself again. Because with macramé, the knot in my head is loosened and I can perfectly tie creativity and relaxation together. Okay, that was a lot of puns, but one is still missing...because a name was needed. Based on the cult classic "Clockwork orange" from the 70s, the name was a perfect fit.

"It's so funny how so much of finding yourself in adulthood is simply getting back to who you were and what you loved as a child."

- Zuri -

What Knotwork orange stands for

My company should be more than just a job. I want to bring in all my passion and power and offer high-quality products that you can enjoy for a long time. Transparency and honesty are very important to me, as I also expect this from a company as a customer. Dubious information or strange statements are a no-go and will not be found on here. I also expect a company to meet my ethical standards, therefore the issue of sustainability has a high priority, because neither humans, animals nor the environment should suffer in the production process. That's why every product should fit me, my values and my style - so that I can achieve the most beautiful results for you!

Knotwork orange steht für individuality und joy. Joy that I feel when I knot and that you hopefully feel when you look at or wear my products. All the bright colours are little rays of sunshine that you will find in your handbag, on your wrist, on your table or at the window. Little reminders to cheer you up and tell you: everything will be okay...keep going! And then put your favourite record on, turn the music loudly and dance to it with a hairbrush in your hand like I once did in my childhood room. Just free yourself from all worries for a moment and own your weird!

Let me make you smile ☺︎

My mission is to spread love, peace, kindness & tolerance.
I want to create things that make you happy and bring sunshine and color into your life.

So I hope you like what I do, because I put an incredible amount of heart and attention into every detail. Have fun taking a look around, treat yourself (or not) and feel free to follow me on my social media channels to stay up to date. In this sense: Stay funky!✌🏼